It is almost that time of year.  Holiday season.  Sea, sun and the bikini battle.  I see many posts on FB advertising weight loss supplements and pills.  Some claiming an average weight loss of up to 5kg in one week.  Seven days.  But that is not the worst of it all.  What is even more hilarious, is the amount of people interested.  We have Google.  We have loads of scientifically proven information at our fingertips.  I really want to believe that the majority of us out there know that any pill claiming a record weight loss of 5kg in one week, is pure BS.  Really.  If there was a pill on the market that has been scientifically tested to aid weight loss in a quick but safe manner, the manufacturer would’ve been listed on the JSE and shares would’ve been worth more than Bitcoin.  But then again I suppose the  people willing to try the 5kg – in – one – week – wonder pill never do much research of any kind anyway.

It reminds me of that old joke about the guy reading about this miracle weight loss programme where you have different options.

Option A:  Lose 20kg in one week.

Option B:  Lose 10kg in 5 days.

Option C:  Lose 5kg in one hour.

He decides to go with option A first.  The next day there’s a knock on his door.  A stunning blonde tells him in a sexy voice:  “If you catch me you can have me.”  Well, enough said.  He lost 20kg in one week.  So he decides to give the 10kg in 5 days a try.  Once again, a stunning blonde rings the doorbell.  But this time, she is completely naked.  The guy is very impressed with the results and decides to give option C a try to lose that last few kilo’s.  Once again, the doorbell rings.  He makes haste opening it.  A very buff looking guy in a pink speedo greets him with:  “If I catch you I will have you.” ….

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